The History of the Bangwaketse

= as presented at a dinner on September 22, 2011 at Ditshupo Hall to raise money for the installation of Kgosi Malope II a Gaseitsiwe = ** I am now updating this article!

The history of the Bangwaketse may be traced to Ngwaketse, the junior son of a Mokwena kgosi called Malope. Kgosi Ngwaketse split from the Bakwena ba ga Magopa and left Motshodi around 1600AD from the Phuthadikobo area and headed to Magagarapa, near Kgale Hill. The village of Mochudi is named after Kgosi Motshodi of the Bakwena. Bakgatla ba ga Kgafela only arrived in Mochudi around 1871.

After Kgosi Ngwaketse’s death, his son SEEPAPITSO I took over and moved the tribe to Kgale hill where he died during or after the Bakwena-Bangwaketse battle in which the Bangwaketse repulsed the Bakwena attempt to return them to Mapopa. SEEPAPITSO I was succeeded by his son LEEMA. Leema was in turn survived by two sons: Kuto and Kutwane of whom Kuto was supposed to be the next Kgosi, however, being an extraordinarily incompetent individual, he delegated the Bogosi responsibility to his younger brother Kutwane at Sengoma – a hill just south of Ramotswa. Subsequently Kuto’s lineage never ruled. Kutwane then later moved the Bangwaketse to Ntsotswane, near modern day Manyana.

Following Khutwane’s death Bogosi jwa Bangwaketse was disputed between his son Makaba I and Khutwe’s son Modutlwa. This led to a temporary split in the morafe with Makaba leading his followers to Seoke, whose stone ruins survive on the outskirts of Lobatse. This may have followed an attempt by Modutlwa to enlist the support of Kgabo’s son Motshodi for his own claims. In the end Modutlwa failed in his efforts. His descendents and those of his followers became reconciled with those of Makaba. Today these malcontents form the historic Modutlwa, Taukobong, Pudumo and Ruele wards of Kanye.

Makaba I was succeeded by Mongala, who is credited with reasserting Bangwaketse’s independence from the Bakwena during the twilight years of Motshodi’s long reign.

Mongala’s reign was characterized by a conflict between the Bangwaketse and the Bakgwatlheng, because of this he moved the Bangwaketse to Ga-Tlhaba-ntlha-ya-Sega. War broke out between the two tribes where Mongala was killed.

Moleta succeeded his father Mongala and moved the tribe to Kgalo loo Tau and later settled in Mabule. Moleta later moved the Bangwaketse to Setlhabatsane, where he died of old age in 1790.

Makaba II ruled from 1790 until 1824, during his era, he moved the tribe from Setlhabatsane to Sebatleng and finally to modern day Kanye. During his reign, Makaba II led Bangwaketse to war with Bakwena over Kodisa tribal boundary. He also fought against other tribes after a war instigated by his paternal uncle Moabi, a war which Makaba won at Matlhabanelo. Makaba II had a son Tshosa, who died before he could rule, but left his sons, Gaseitsiwe and Ralekoko still young. Makaba II moved the village to Pitseng, Mokakanana, Motlhware (present day Ga-Sebako Ward), then to Tlhorong (Ranaka) and finally to Kgwakgwe, where they met Robert Moffat. In 1823, the Bangwaketse fought with Mantantis. Tshosa also fought his father at Nyorosi where he was defeated; he ran to Ga-Khunwana. Makaba II was killed in 1824/1825 in a battle between the Bakwena and Bafokeng at Galosabanyane (near current Sejelo Junction).

In 1825, Tshosa’s brother, Sebego a Makaba (1795 – 1844) ruled (ACTING) since Tshosa’s sons, Gaseitsiwe and Ralekoko were still too young to rule. His reign was characterized by turbulent moments and movements. Sebego moved the tribe to Lwale near Moshaneng and Pitsa during which the Bangwaketse fought the Ndebeles of Mozilikazi. The Bangwaketse were forced to move to Dutlwe in Kgalagadi, where Sebego was ill advised by the tribe to kill his nephews. Sebego poisoned his nephews; Ralekoko died but Gaseitsiwe vomited the concoction. Sebego then moved the tribe to Monnyalatsela near Gantsi where he exiled Gaseitsiwe.

Gaseitsiwe ran to Gasita. In 1845 Gaseitsiwe a Tshosa ascended to the Bangwaketse chieftaincy.

Gaseitsiwe fathered Bathoen I in 1845, Bathoen took over in 1891 until 1910. Kgosi Bathoen I contributed the Bangwaketse regiments of Matlotlakgang, Mayakathata and 6Mayakapula to the British rule during the Anglo Boer War of 1889-1902.

Seepapitso the III took over from his father in 1910, and was widely respected as a modernist. He exiled Mothowagae Motlogwela to Lekgolobotlo together with his followers and closed down his Ethiopian Church which was seen as a nuisance in the village. Its greatest sin was its competition with the Kgosi’s London Missionary Church. He is remembered mostly for standardizing bogadi to eight cattle and a sheep (mokwele) and the building of the Kanye dam, behind the SRDA offices. Seepapitso III was assassinated by his brother Moyapitso in 1916 in a dispute over the inheritance of Bathoen I’s property, while his eldest son Bathoen II was only 8 years old, her daughter Sejelo was 6 and the youngest son Mookami was only 4 years of age .

1928 – 1969 Bathoen (II) Seepapitso Gaseitsiwe ruled the Bangwaketse for 41 years. He is the most and best documented of the Bangwaketse Dikgosi.

  • In 1933, Bathoen II and Tshekedi of the Bangwato initiated the Natwe Tribunal Proclamation;
  • he then went to World War II with his force led by his brother Kgosi Mookami and Ralekoko.
  • He built the Bathoen Irrigation Dam, which is known as Mmakgodumo in 1940.
  • Between the period 1942 and 1943, he started an agricultural project called the Bathoen irrigation Scheme.
  • This was followed by a programme designed to feed school children with the gardens-produce in 1943-44.
  • He also built the Marapalalo Hall in 1940 and the King George Hall in 1960.
  • He declared that all brides-to-be should be built for by their prospective husbands.
  • In 1947, he rented out part of the King George hall to the colonial government to run a Teacher Training College before it was built in Lobatse in 1953/4.
  • He declared that Kraals and Cemeteries be moved from family backyards.
  • He loaned colonial government 3600 Pounds to help in World War II, re-structuring of Taxes,
  • He introduced strict control of home beer brewing,
  • annual agricultural shows,
  • developed thriving co-operative societies,
  • he built the first Kanye Library 1962/63,
  • He built the Tomela Office Chambers 1963/64,
  • he started first local council,
  • He presided over the mining of Moshaneng and Kgakgwe.
  • In 1946, the colonial government honoured Kgosi Bathoen with an O.B.E and a C.B.E in 1957.
  • Bathoen II was also instrumental in removing boundaries to give the Balete more land.
  • Kgosi Bathoen stepped down in 1969 and joined opposition politics.
  • He passed away on the 3rd October 1990 Kwena pheretlha dichaba; e a re e robetse ba e gwetlhe, e re e tsoga ba itsheletshele dikeledi.
  • Bathoen II was succeeded by his son, Kgosi Seepapitso IV of Bangwaketse in 1970.

Kgosi Seepapitso IV was the last King standing of the traditional monarch who served the Bangwaketse and the country of Botswana in supreme excellence in various capacities as Botswana Ambassador to the United States and to the Peoples Republic of China. He also served as the Chairman of Ntlo–ya-Dikgosi for many years. Kgosi Seepapitso IV died on the 24th March 2010 giving way to Kgosi Malope II a Gaseitsiwe. Today many Bangwaketse continue to serve this country with unparalleled distinction in many areas of the society, be it LAW, MUSIC, ART, POLITICS, ACADEMICS, MEDICINE (both traditional and modern), MEDIA (both electronic and print).

That is the history of our people: A strong and powerful people:

batho ba ga Maila a bobela;

Batho ba ga matshaba le kgomo matlogela temo e le sefolela;

Ba ga heyana a heya;

batho ba ga phešana ya moswagadi e e tshwarwang ka lesoko le phela;

batho ba ga Mokgalo o thebe;

batho ba ga setlhong ga se huparelwe

If you find the Bangwaketse poem difficult; its overwhelming message is : Bangwaketse ga ba tlakatlakelwe


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  1. kago says:

    great stuff sir,we should meet

  2. Letlamathebe says:

    I’ve just read this and I feel honoured and understand some of the things that have always eluded me and being motswana. Im a young proffesional (23) that has never understood the core essence of what I (Letlamathebe Baepi) is about. Ke a leboga kgosi.

    • Otlogetswe says:

      Go leboga nna Mokwena!

      • David Laletsang says:

        Great staff indeed Mokwena. I happen to be a descendent of the Sebego line i.e. david-a-Tshosa-a-Laletsang-a-Rankwane-a-Senthufhe-a-Sebego-a-Makaba II-a-………..Can you be able to assist with who Rankwane’s & Senthufhe’s siblings were. My grandfather was relocated to Manyana in 1952 as chief ‘s(B2)representative.

        Best regards

  3. Moagi Baleseng says:

    Morena, this is wonderful, though complex as it is. It is nice to see such record.

  4. Mokgwatlheng says:

    Sele se ke tiro entle ele ruri. Mokwena fa o ne oka sedimosa ka Kgosikgolo Mongala a Makaba, ke ne ke ka leboga thata. A Ramasedi a go okeletse malatsi a botshelo o tlo go tlhatlhelele morole o mosesane o o tswang ko tlase. Ele ruri ‘garona se a nyelela.

    • Otlogetswe says:

      Ke tlaa leka go kwala ka Kgosikgolo Mongala a Makaba nako e e tlang. A o itse kgotla yoora-Mongala kwa Kanye?

      • Kabo Letlhare-Wastikc says:

        This was a great read. Mongala is mentioned in the genealogies of my family. I am from Mongala ward. Specifically goora Selohilwe. My mother is also of Mongala in( Moabi clan). Your works are impressive.

  5. OLEFILE THEBE says:

    I am attempting to trace the origion of my father namely SAKIA ISAK THEBE born 1901 as informed. Farther that his father’s name was SETLHABI THEBE I am told and that his mother ‘s name MMAMOHULA THEBE. As informed SAKIA origionates from Thaba nchu. He passed on 1981 klerksdorp South Africa where he met and married my mother MORAKANE MARIA (MOHUTSIWA) THEBE. Please assist locating my grand parents. 0721991082. He may come from BOTSWANA as well

    • Otlogetswe says:

      Please email me on The Thebe family name & the Mohutsiwa family name are very common here in Botswana. I can link you up with members of those families in Botswana who may be better placed to help you in your search….

  6. mosimane moetaesi says:

    the poem is similar to bakgwatlheng tribe , how come ?please explain in detail

    • Otlogetswe says:

      Ga ke itse ka Bakgwatlheng. Mpolelela ka bone

      • Kabelo Ishmael Moeng says:

        Tshimologo ya morafe wa Bakgwatlheng le leboko la bona ka botlalo

      • Moshobane Modise says:

        Ke dumelana le Moetaesi le Moeng. Re na le Bakgwatleng boo Modise kwa Mahalapje. ke itse gore re ana Tlou,..Re batho ba ga Mmathari, Nna ke Moshobane. Rra, ke nagana gore ke nako gore re batlisise ka Bakgwatleng.

    • Itumeleng says:

      Madume rra, ke ne kopa rre a mpolelele leboko la bakgwatlheng le dibuka tsa morafe o

      • Loago Kaboeamodimo Mupinda says:

        Rre ke tlisa ditebogo le kemonokeng ya tlhwaatlhwa.nna ke morwadia Kaboeamodimo ya ga Sekokotla ke tlhogola no goora sebego mogoora Ketshabile a Letegele.

  7. amogelang segomotso says:

    wow…this is wonderful it has an intellectual flavour..i am a proud of being mongwaketse…

  8. seonyane thatoyaone noah says:

    it is exelent to have peoples who stil reminds us of our whereabout thank you very much may the Lord prolong your days .iam a 15yrs old boy mongwaketse in South Africa i want to know more about bo-ra Seonyane, Rabotsomile, Mokonopi around Botswana

    • Otlogetswe says:

      Thanks very much for your comment. I am also a Mongwaketse. I do know the Mokonopi who live in Ntsweng near the main kgotla of the Bangwaketse, where Kgosikgolo Malope II presides.

      • Thatoyaone Noa Seonyane says:

        Thank you very much morena for the Mokonopi familly is where my father’s grandgrandmother were born her name was Basiamisi Our familly is from Kiewietsen seonyane the son of Totonyane Josia Seonyane the son of Otukile Seonyane the son of Phekoetsile Seonyane the son of Ntsimakoko Sarumane Seonyane

    • Noah Thato Seonyane says:

      Thato how can we have the same names and surname. I am Noah Thato Seonyane. Dude please keep in touch with me. Call me or something. 0795768660

    • Boitshwarelo says:

      Hi Noah! Ke Mongwaketse ko kanye ko Goora Mokonopi mo Botswana. We are also trying to find out our origin. We were attending the Mokonopi’s Family reunion at Klerksdorp, but ga ke a ko ka tlhaloganya the origion.

    • Bongish says:

      Moleta ke monnawe Selohilwe (Keboi ward) mo goo-ra Mongala

    • Mbosi Baitse says:

      mokonopi ba teng i am one of them we are meetin ka di ko south africa for reunion

  9. Matshidisho says:

    Se sea itumedisa go bona gona le mongwe yoo ka kgonang gore kaela ka masika a a fapaaneng. Ke kopa o leke go nkgolaganya le bo Rra Sebako ba ko Botswana gonne nna ke kwa Thaba Nchu, Free State in South Africa. Nna ke Mohurutshe oo Manyane ke ana Tshwene, mme ba ba ko Botswana e kete ga se Bahurutshe ke kopa thuso ya gaga.

    Matshidisho Sebako

  10. Ontisitse Zak Ntloore( tla o ore molelo morwa keogotsitse) says:

    if I may ask prof, I was born and bred in kanye at goo-sekokotla ward my father is from goo-lobekwa ward my mother is from thamaga forming part of the break away group of bakgatla ba ga mmanaana in 1916.
    my question would be: are the sekokotla ward not the part of the lineage of Bangwaketse after segotshane? I read somewhere that they are but i am not sure. All in all our history is remarkable and you have narrated it so clearly. thank you

    • Otlogetswe says:

      Am not sure the historical line of the Sekokotla. I think the Bakgatla moved to Thamaga a bit later around 1935/1936…where did you get the 1916 year?

  11. Talenta says:

    Thank you sooo so much for these beautiful historic gosh now i know where i come from..*bow*
    bangwaketse ga ba tlakatlakelwe!

  12. ontisitse zak ntloore says:

    my grand mother told me they moved from kanye to thamaga in that year i dont know if it was the whole tribe or just the mokgethis family i have to ask again thank you prof.

  13. Kabelo Moeng says:

    Leboko la bakgwatlheng le their history or origin

  14. Kabelo Moeng says:

    Ke kopa go itse tshimologo ya morafe wa Bakgwatleng le leboko la bone ka botlalo. Seane le Moeng ka sefane ba amana jang. Kgotsi ya ntlha ya bakgwatleng ke mang.

  15. ogopotse bathai says:

    My pleasure to read this staff. Fa one oka mpha maina a bana ba kuto le kutwane botlhe because kuto ke utlwile o bua ka modutlwa fela, bo ruele le bo mongala ke bana baga mang

  16. Gaopotlake Mokokong-Toteng says:

    thanks Prof.. we are working with Kgosi Bathoen II memorial museum and its imperative to have your input in our works. may i request your contacts. may email is
    hope to hear from you.

  17. Kabo says:

    Mongala ene ele morwa Moleta. I stand to be corrected.

  18. Ramapulana Monnapula Motshegare says:

    Ke tlile gotsaya loeto ketla botswana month kgweding etlang ya december 2013 kekarata go itse ka Tshosa kagore rona re dula month kraaipan mme gagona ko Ga Ngwaketse ko Ga khunwana

  19. Thatoyaone Noa Seonyanep says:

    Ke batla masalela a masika a my grant grant grantmother ene ele Basiamisi Mokonopi one a nyetswe South Africa ka dilemo 1798 ,ke utlwa my grandfather are ba tlhagile le ntsalabone one a bidiwa Thebetsile Rabotsomele gone go na le mangwane o a bidiwa maMikaele Seshupo gona le ngwana wa rra Khoza Moseleache

  20. Itumeleng says:

    Madume rra, ke ne ke botsa go rre o itse hisitori le leboko la bakgwatlheng? nka itumela thata fa rre a ka nthusa. le fa gona le dibuka tse di buang ka morafe o

  21. Thatoyaone Noah Seonyane says:

    Sir can you please conect me to the mokonopi familly cause i want more info from that familly ,my late grant grant grant mother was from that familly .i met a lady from Seonyane’ s familly in facebook she is a Mohurutshe not a mongwaketse can you people please help me to trace those people. Any info contact my father in this ns 0735935429 / 0186830150 thank you.

  22. Gaolatlhe Thololwane says:

    its a pleasure that i have finally came across what i have long been wanting to see. most people think am mad when i explain myself that i regard myself as one if not the most senior tribesman. Ke Modutlwa ko Kanye kele morwa morwa Keabereka-a-Thololwane-a-Selatlho-a-Tshosa-a-Motshwa-a-Modutlwa-Kuto-a-Leema1.

  23. Motlotlegi says:

    How do Bakgwatlheng relate to Bangwaketse.

  24. Kabelo Ishmael Moeng says:

    The origin of Bakgwatlheng tribe, their first leader and leboko in full

  25. stanley says:

    Dumela Rra, ke na le kgatlego ya go itse a tshimologo le botshelo jwa Bakgwatlheng. From south africa.

  26. Mooketsi kalaben says:

    Thanks for the info,we asking for more imformation about our village where can i look for it?

  27. mamsy says:

    ke mopedi and i’m a makaba by blood as most of the things you said i have took charctors like value education and playing my part for change leader ship skills wow is amazing i just wonder if the is a link

  28. Ke botsa gore go ana le go bina aa go hanane;if not mongwaketse o bina…?o aana? Please help me

  29. Thatoyaone Noah Seonyane says:

    I am a Mongwaketse born in South African trying to trace Bo -Seonyane ba ga Ngwaketse around Botswana to my suprise i managed to trace but found ba ga Hurutshe ko Malapje . My father say ke bakgotla ya ga Moleta wa ga Mongala nka leboga ge nka bona thuso Bangwaketse ke a leboga

  30. Pico Gabanakgosi
    Dumela rra, ke batla go itse gore Bangwaketse ba tsile jang ka kwano South Africa, mo kgoalong ya Taung mo Bokone Bophirima.

  31. Goitsimodimo says:

    Mpatlisang bo rra Marumo ko kanye ko kanye ba ba amanang le mohibitswane nthwana le mosadiwamatebele.those are my ancestors from Botswana anyone who know this names may help.

  32. baruti mogorosi says:

    I’m baruti mogorosi but grandfather’s surname is setlhare I here they are from Botswana.mogorosi is my grandmother’s surname.we are the Barolong my grandfather is Reuben setlhare my father is Boy mogorosi we are living in republic of south africa

  33. Grace Mohale says:

    Dumela Rra, ke rata go itse ka bakgwatlheng, leboko la bone le Tshwana sentle le la bangwaketse. Ga go na sepe gape ka bakgwatlheng, ke kopa go itse gore a bakgwatlheng ba sa ntse ba le teng mo Botswana? Ke tlhoka motho yo o itseng ka bakgwatlheng le leboko la bone le felletse. Ke a leboga

  34. KOBOYANKWE says:

    @Otlogetswe… We need more people like you! Great piece of work Prof. very very nice and educative indeed. I’d like to understand one thing though.. “How did the Kgatleng ward in Kanye come into the picture?” How come they are (or not) refered to as Bangwaketse, and ba bina (ana) eng? Kgabo or Kwena? I’d be very grateful for your info Mr Prof. By the way, my surname hails from that ward, and this has been a big question that I’ve been wondering of for many years.

    • Otlogetswe says:

      This article is old and must be updated. Kgatleng is a place where the Bakgatla ba ga Mmanaana from Moshupa settled ages ago in between mafika a mannye where Mafikana comes from. They were lead by Kgosi Mosielele (who by the way still rules Moshopa). This was because the child of Kontle (Kgosi) of the Bakgatla married into the Gaseitsiwe family, eternally tying the Bakgatla ba ga Mmanaana to the Bangwaketse. Just to say I know the Koboyankwe surname, since it was made popular by the late and successful Sam Ramotadima.

  35. Gaogakwe Sechogo says:

    Otlogetswe. You are doing great work. please help me to trace the origin of my ancestors. My name is Gaogakwe Sechogo from Mahikeng. my great grandfather is Kganelang Sechogo/Setshogo. He was born during the 1890s. I am told the Sechogo/Setshogos comes from the makaba, Tshosa lineage, The other surnames from Sechogo are Keselebalekgosi and Modibedi. I understand the other Sechogo/Setshogos are in Kanye and Lehurutshe (South Africa). Lastly i leant that the other great grand father , Chapman Sechogo was in First World War based in France. Plz help.

    • David Laletsang says:


      It’s interesting to hear about you. I happen to be a decedent of the Makaba(s) you mentioned briefly as follows:

      David -a- Tshosa -a- Laletsang -a- Rankwane -a- Senthufhe -a- Sebego -a- Makaba(ii) -a- Moleta -a- Mongala -a- Makaba(i) -a-Seepapitso(ii) -a- Leema -a- Seepapistso(I) -a- Ngwaketse -a- Malope……

      I hope we can take it from here with the help of Prof. Otlogetswe in an attempt to help you.

      Best regards

      • Gaogakwe Sechogo says:

        Kealeboga Dave

        I think i should have also indicated that i am told that our grand grand grand fathers were from Sechogo -a Tshosa -a-Makaba I and again we are from Bahurutshe – Ba-Ga- Manyana.

        Do you perhaps know the link between Bangweketse and Bahurutshe.
        The sechogos lived in Mabule, Lehurutshe, Kanye(kgotleng ya Dira) and mostly Mahikeng.



      • Olorato Senthufhe says:

        Mr Otlogetswe’s this article is so informing .The lineage David just mentioned intrigued me, I am a senthufhe from Tonota (Botswana )that is where my grandfather relocated from south africa but i never knew the origins of my great grand fathers.

  36. Sanikie says:

    Hi Prof

    My name is Sanikie Keboi born and residing in Johannesburg SA and me and my siblings are the descendants of Komani Keboi, my elders recently started to visit Botswana in a hope to locate the Keboi family and last year they found some of them and were also told they are part of the Bangwaketse Clan. Would you kindly advise how these dots connect as I am also hoping to find my real identity.

    One of my uncles was named after Selohilwe.

    Your reply will be highly valued.

    Thank You

  37. Tiroyaone says:

    I cant stop laughing at your description of the descendants of Kuto as malcontents, I had to check thesaurus if you wouldn’t have used a better word…nonetheless,great History is it is MoRuele.

  38. Itumeleng says:

    great stuff indeed. A question was invoked in my mind, and it is as follows, do you know how part of the bangwaketse clan traveled to Kimberly in South Africa?

  39. OnkabetseThebe says:

    Rra ke lebogile thata, e bile ke motlotlo ka wena ka fa o kwadileng ditso tso bogosi jwa rona ka teng

    Thank you


  40. molotsi matlawe says:

    dumela rra ke kopa go itse ka bakgwatlheng baga mmathari gore kgosi ya bone ene ele mang,ba dula kae?ga kopa go botsa gape ka boMatlawe ba ba neng ba tlhaga tlhabanchu gore a le bone ke bakgwatlheng? Kea leboga.

  41. kgaogelo says:

    dumela rra,I’m told my fathers surname is ketse/keetsi,I’m not sure how it is spelt. I want to know which clan does he belong, could it be bangwaketse?

  42. gotlhe says:

    ke kopa tlhaloso ha go bathoeng 1 padi e ke ntseng ke ebala e nthaya ere bathoeng 1 o ne a nyetse Gagoangwe daughter of sechele 1 a bo ba nna le bana ba le bararo ebong Seepapitso,Ntebogang le Moepitso ..go nnete go le kae

  43. Moemisi Kgati says:

    Go utlwala fa Logaba e le monnawe Modutlwa go bo ammaruri gole kae

  44. Willie Lekhuleni says:

    Is there a tribe in Botswana called baToko/baTuku?
    If there is one which other tribe are they related to?

  45. Kopa go itse ka bangwaketse baga Kubunakana. Nna ke dula mo Kuruman(South Africa).

  46. Kopa go itse ka bangwaketse ba Kubunakana.

  47. Gontsejalo Kgosamang says:

    Dumelang bangwaketse
    Nna ke nna Gontsejalo Kgosamang mo taung mme kene ke batla go itse Bangwaketse ba Rra Mooka le Ba rra Kgosamang. Se ke se itseng ke gore ba ba Rra Mooka/Kgosamang ke batho ba ga Kgotla ya Botlhoko ko Kanye e bile ke bangwaketse ba ga Tlhong.

  48. Goitsi says:

    Ke tiro e ntle eo Mokwena ke mongwaketse mo Africa Borwa re leka go kopana le ba Sefane sa Marumo ko kanye.My granfather says they are from Sebego lineage nka itumela thata fa mongwe aka nthusa ka ba sefane sa Marumo ba eleng bangwaketse.

  49. tshwenyane mokgwelwa says:

    madume prof.happy to read about Bangwaketse.I just found out that I’m a grand child of Bangwaketse last week.may u please help me to find the origin of Mokgwelwa family bcz we r lost.I’m from Pretoria born n raised there.I can’t even speak setswana language perfect pls help.

  50. Leroja says:

    Motho wa ga mokgalo o thebe, mafoko ke one ebile a lolame. Tota go iketse botoka a re ikatumetseng matlhogo tshweu, gantsi mo nyalong kana mo losong o itlhela ba tlhalosa ditso/losika thata, mme se ke se etseng tlhoko thata ke gore fa gotwe motsadi o tla bua ka monyadi/moswi o ama thata gore motho yoo o tsholwa emang, a tshotswe emang, jalo jalo ka go tlhatlhologana ga batsadi go ya moding, mme gantsi mo ga ngwaketse ba wela ka gore batho bao ba tswa Aforika borwa, mme gantsi ba kaiwa ba tswa bo dinokaneng, lehurutshe, jalo jalo. Ke lemoga gore mme bangwaketse, bakgatla, bahurutshe, barolong, batlhwareng, bakgothu, bangologa baa sikana fela gone ga tlhakatlhakanya dintwa tsa merafhe le dintwa tsa basweu. Mme ebile fa o atolosa go nna le tomagano magaring ga bapedi, batswana, le basotho, modi o ka latedisiwa o ka bonwa ka batho ba ebile ba bina/ana kwena. Betsho a re ikitseng, mme reka simolola ka go ikitse go tswa mo lwapeng/kgotleng ere go tswa foo o itse gore lo wela mo morahing ohe ka go reng, seo se tla tlhalosa gore bo rrarona mogolwagolwane ke bo mang, ka gore go ikitse go molemo ebile go botlhokwa. Prof re mo tlotlo ka wena, nna ke setlogolo mo ga ngwaketse, nna ke tshwene ke makopong, mme i know deepely my maternal family.

  51. Thozamele Kodisa says:

    I am impressed to notise that I am not alone who want to kno w about my surname’s clan (Kodisa).Ileant alot here and some of us has found what th

    ey wanted perfectly.

    I hope me too will be helped as well.

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